UPGRADE - KBS CT Tour Putter Shaft - Matte Black

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The KBS CT Tour Putter Shaft was designed by gathering information from tour players worldwide & the foremost leaders in putter design. Based off of our “Constant Taper” Technology, The KBS CT Tour Putter Shaft is the first shaft ever designed for your putter to incorporate KBS Golf Shaft Technology into your game on the green. Player Driven. Tour Proven. Features:
  • Stability
  • Constant Weight
  • Stiffer Structure
  • Stiffer Tip
  • Straight, Single and Double Bend Precision Angles

Do you make left-handed Greenwood putters? 

Yes, we offer right and left-handed putters.

Are Greenwood putters Standard length? Can I order specific lengths?

The standard length of Greenwood putters is the Standard 34.5 inches. Yes, we also offer custom specific lengths.

Do you make Greenwood putters for women? 

Yes, we offer the 33-inch Standard length for women.

Is there more than one option for grip size?

Yes, we offer our Australian leather grip in both Standard and Midsize.

What types of wood do you offer?

Greenwood putters are made of ethically sourced North American Black Walnut wood.  

Can I get my Greenwood putter personalized?

We currently only offer personalization in custom length, finish, right or left handedness, and grip size. Stay tuned for updates on future customization options!

Do you also have head covers?

Yes, with each purchase we offer an embroidered Greenwood putter head cover for free (value $50 each).

Where can I buy a handcrafted Greenwood solid wood putter?

Greenwood putters are offered exclusively online on this site and on our Facebook page. Currently, we are not available in any retail locations. Stay tuned for updates!

Wrist to Floor
Club Length
Less than 6'8"
Less than 42"
Add 2"
6'6" - 6'8"
41" to 42"
Add 1.5"
6'4" - 6'6"
40" to 41"
Add 1"
6'2" - 6'4"
38.5" to 40"
Add 0.5"
6'1" - 6'2"
37" to 38.5"
Add 0.25"
5'7" - 6'1"
34" - 37"
Standard length
5'4" - 5'7"
32" - 34"
Minus 0.25"
5'2" - 5'4"
29" - 32"
Minus 0.5"
5' - 5'2"
27" - 29"
Minus 1"
4'10" - 5'
25" - 27"
Minus 2"
Less than 4'10"
Less than 25"
Minus 2"

Designed to Perform

345 Grams

A head weight of 345 grams allows for proper feel, stroke, and distance control. Custom weighting can be ordered if desired

0-Degree Loft

0-degree loft enables you to make a more technically sound stroke, by enabling a forward roll on the ball. Giving an average of 4.5 inches of less ball skip on impact

71-Degree Lie

71 degree lie angle & a square look allows for better alignment and focus though the stroke

Handcrafted for a unique feel
unlike any other

Each hand-finished solid wood putter is made of North American Black Walnut wood.

Each putter features a premium grade genuine Cabretta leather providing a feel that cannot be duplicated with man-made materials. The hand sewn and lacing creates a subtle reminder rib on the back of the grip. Like a fine wine, these grips only get better with age.

Each putter comes with a magnetic faux leather head cover to protect, and standout while in your bag.

See what others are saying about the Greenwood

"Wow!, this thing feels totally different than any putter I've ever used."

Jacob Crisp (Scratch Golfer, San Francisco, CA)

"You can really FEEL the ball coming off the putter!"

AJ Vaatete (Los Angeles, CA)

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